Recent Tragic Events Remind All of the Dangers of the Water

Last week, folks from all around the nation made their way outside to celebrate our country’s birthday. While some may have just celebrated in their back yard or pool, many made their way to the lakes and oceans this past weekend. While most had a great time, there were still some tragic events take place this past week that we all can look at and learn from when it comes to safety around water.

One of the incidents which took place last week happened right here in North Carolina. Blair Holliday, a wide receiver for the Duke Blue Devils football team, was critically injured when he wrecked the jet ski he was riding at Lake Tillery. Lake Tillery is located about an hour east of Charlotte.

NBC4 of Southern California, the area Holliday grew up and attended high school, reports that he is still in critical condition as of Sunday, July 8th.

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In another jet ski related injury, Kyle Glover, the stepson of popular music artist Usher suffered brain damage when he was hit while sitting on an inner tube at a lake in Georgia. Since the accident yesterday, Glover has been declared brain dead from the injuries. An unidentified 15 year old female was sitting on the inner tube with Glover and also sustained serious injuries.

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In Tennessee and Missouri combined last week 5 people, including four children, were electrocuted to death while swimming in water near a boat or dock. In Missouri, Alexandra Anderson, 13, and her brother Brayden Anderson, 8, died while swimming near a private dock. A Missouri State Highway Patrol report concluded that an improperly grounded electrical circuit to the dock, which was not ground-fault protected, was a contributing factor in the deaths.

The third death involving electrocution while swimming in Missouri came this weekend when a 26 year old female died while swimming near a dock. Her and two children were swimming and after feeling some electricity in the water, the two children swam away from the dock, while the woman swam towards the dock. All three deaths occurred at The Lake of the Ozarks.

In Tennessee// While an investigation is still underway, Sheriff Scott Layel of Grainger County, TN said he found frayed wires under the stairs near the hull of the boat.

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