Read This to Wow Your Friends This Super Bowl Sunday

At Hardison & Cochran, we’re all about education. Usually that is based around an education of your rights when an accident occurs or you are fighting for Social Security disability benefits, but today it is going to be all about football. Staying with our theme this week of the Super Bowl, below we are offering up many links where you can read up before the game on Sunday. If you want to wow your friends with your football knowledge, this is a great place to start. If you’d also like a little education on personal injury laws, check out our free book and report page on our website.

Pro Football Reference
If it happened in professional football, this website has documentation of it. If you get into a debate with your friend about who is the best player or who is the best team, start here for some statistical evidence.

Football Strategy
Days, weeks, months and even years of film is viewed before games to build a solid game plan. Every team has a method to their madness on both sides of the ball. Brush up on the finer details of the game by checking out what some teams are trying to do with different sets, motions and personnel.

NFL Official Signals
Everyone knows when the yellow flag comes out something illegal is going on, but what’s up with all the gyrations by the official when he is explaining the call? Glad you asked. The above link is to the official NFL website that explains each motion a referee may go through with explanations of the penalty.

Super Bowl History
This is the best Super Bowl since _________. If you say those words, make sure you know about every Super Bowl played. This website from will make sure you know everything about the Super Bowl.

New York Giants Roster
New England Patriots Roster
Get to know all the players who will be taking the field this Sunday.

This post is the third in a five part series of a celebration of the Super Bowl. Be sure to check in each day as we visit a topic associated with football. Previous topics are linked below:

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