Raleigh in the Process of Rezoning Almost 30% of the City

The City of Raleigh has announced that almost 30% of the city is in the process of being rezoned. This is the first rezoning effort in this area since the 1950’s, according to WNCN. The main area affected will be the southeastern area of Raleigh, including neighborhoods such as Glenwood Brooklyn and Pullen Park. For specific information about what this means for you, visit the city’s website, linked above. The site offers an interactive map and a listing of all affected areas. Tonight at 7:00 at Chavis Memorial Park Community Center on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, there will be an open community meeting at which residents can discuss and ask questions about the changes.

In addition to paying attention to the new zoning changes, make sure you are driving safely this week in the Raleigh area. WRAL reported this morning that a young driver passed away this morning after hydroplaning on U.S. Hwy 301. Although the rain is supposed to let up as heat comes in later in the week, it is important to remember how to best handle the roads during heavy rainfall. This list of safety tips created by Travelers Insurance makes it very clear: take your time, because slowing down is the only way to prevent hydroplaning. Additionally, the company mentions, keep your headlights on and stay further behind other vehicles in this type of weather. If the negligence of another driver during heavy rainfall causes a wreck that involves you or a loved one, tell our North Carolina Auto Accident Attorneys how it happened.

Written by: Brawley Davis

Sources: The City of Raleigh, WNCN, WRAL and Travelers; all linked above, respectively