Put Down the Phone and DRIVE!

According to a survey conducted by the digital TV and telephone service provider AT&T, smartphone use behind the wheel is at an all-time and dangerous high. The statistics (available here) are shocking!  27 percent of people believe that they safely take videos using their phone while driving. More than half (61 percent!) of the drivers surveyed reported that they text behind the wheel. 33 percent of people are accessing their e-mail accounts while driving, and another 17 percent are taking “selfies.” 22 percent of the drivers surveyed claim that their addiction to social media causes them to use their phone behind the wheel. We all love keeping in touch with our friends and family through social media, but it is important to remember that traffic laws against smartphone use while driving do exist for everyone’s safety. Enjoy the rest of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and honor it by saving the texts, e-mails, “selfies” or internet searches for when you get out of the car.