One Reader's Thoughts on North Carolina's House Bill 709 "Protect and Put Back to Work"

Last week, we posted about the NC House Bill 709, short titled “Protect and Put NC Back to Work”. The proposed bills aim is to reform the current North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act. In that post, we asked for some reader feedback on what you thought about the bill. Today, the response below came in from Kimberly:

Yes, I believe the people that get hurt on the job should get their compensation. It should also include pain and suffering. The workers are on the job doing their best to help your company and to provide quality service which you strive for, and when they get hurt “the company” don’t want to pay the employee. That’s not right. The employees have families to provide for just like the employer have families to provide for. If “WE” the employee didn’t provide good customer service or do our job, “which is the reason why we got hurt in the first place” The employee and employer would be out of a jobs. Take care of your people, and your people will take care of you!

Sounds like Kimberly is passionate about this bill and passionate about workers’ rights to fair compensation after an on the job injury. Thank you Kimberly for your time in giving us your thoughts about the NC House Bill 709. To see the official draft of the bill, please click here. * Photo courtesy of steakpinball via Flickr Creative Commons.

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