North Carolina Workers’ Compensation and Third-Party Liability

When a North Carolina worker is injured on the job, they expect the benefits of workers’ compensation to cover the expenses, but many do not know that workers’ compensation benefits may limit their ability to obtain compensation.

In some cases of an on the job injury, a third-party liability claim is possible. So what is a third-party liability claim? A third-party liability claim would seek another person or entity who was negligent. Their negligence then contributed to the on the job injury a worker suffered.

Here are some examples:

    • Auto Accidents: If your job includes time on the road and you are involved in an accident with injuries, this would be a situation where workers’ compensation benefits could be pursued. The worker could also file a personal injury claim against the driver who caused the wreck. This is the most common occurrence of third-party liability claims within our firm.
  • Defective Equipment & Machines: If a worker is injured by a machine that has problems and the machine is found to be faulty, a third-party claim may be pursued against the manufacturer, distributor or the supplier of the machine.
  • Subcontractors: If a worker is on a job site performing his or her duties and is injured due to the negligence of another company, a third-party claim could be pursued against that company. An example of this would be a structure crashing down on a job site. If the lack of strength of the structure was found to be due to a lack of supervision on the build, that company could be liable for the injures after the structure fell.

Workers’ compensation claims and third-party liability claims can both proceed at the same time. While workers’ compensation claims do not consider a person’s pain and suffering, a third-party liability claims would.

For more information on North Carolina third-party liability claims, check this page on our LawyerNC website. 

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