NC DMV Now Testing Online License Renewal Technology

WNCN reported today that the NC DMV will begin testing their new online driver license renewal technology. This could prevent us from having to stand in those notoriously long lines! The DMV calls this new type of license “more secure and durable,” not to mention far more convenient to obtain. Drivers that are eligible will be able to pay online to have their new license sent to them. They will also be able to apply online for the new license up to six months before it would expire. New security features on the card will make it much more difficult to duplicate. These features include overlapping “ghost-images” and high-resolution graphics, similar to what we see on our currency. Additionally, the licenses will have a waterproof coat to help prevent the typical damages we see to cards over time. More information about the new process and its restrictions can be found on the North Carolina DMV’s website. You will not be able to renew online if you have a suspended license, you have an outstanding debt with the DMV, or if you are applying for a duplicate Commercial Driver License with a P or S endorsement. If none of this applies to you, forget about taking a number and click away!