National Association of Injured and Disabled Workers

We’ve featured many websites on this blog and we love doing it. Sharing something great we have found is just the way we do things here at the Hardison & Cochran blog. Today, we have another great find with the National Association of Injured and Disabled Workers (NAIDW) website.

From the NAIDW website:
NAIDW is a nationally recognized 501 (c) (3) nonprofit charitable foundation where injured and disabled workers and their families find the resources and support they need to reclaim their lives. We use grant-based funding and charitable donations to improve the lives of injured & disabled workers and their families.

NAIDW’s purpose is to provide short-term financial assistance to injured & disabled workers and their families as a result of injury, illness or disability. Best of all, an NAIDW membership is absolutely free for all injured & disabled workers and their families. 100% of all donation funds are put directly to work for those who need it most.

In our practice, we see many families’ lives turned upside down because of a work related injury or disabilities. It is great to see a cause like this one helping those people out who have been affected by injuries and disabilities. Along with a great cause, the NAIDW website is full of information and we recommend you spend a couple minutes surfing through all the info.

You can also check out NAIDW on Social Media sites: