Multiple Auto Accidents In North Carolina Over the Last Few Days

Over the past few days in North Carolina, we have seen an unfortunate number of automobile-related incidents.

Yesterday, WNCN reported that a 12-year-old was struck by a vehicle while crossing Old Stage Road in Wake County. The article notes that he suffered non-life threatening injuries and that the investigation is still open.

Early Sunday in Gastonia, 2 people passed away due to the injuries sustained from an accident. WRAL reports that the vehicle ran off the road and eventually collided with a tree. It was raining at the time.

I-40 has seen two accidents recently.

According to WRAL, 3 people passed away and 1 was injured due to a wreck on I-40 near Asheville this morning. The article states that the car was pushed off the road by a merging tractor-trailer rig. The driver is currently receiving medical treatment, and the driver of the truck has been charged.

WNCN also reported this morning that on I-40 in Benson, 2 people in a box truck sustained serious injuries after colliding with a tractor-trailer while parked on the shoulder of the highway. The Highway patrol stated that charges are pending and that weather may have been a factor in the accident.

In Charlotte, according to WRAL, 1 person was killed and 16 people were injured due to a city bus crashing into two other vehicles last night. The police have not released a statement about what they think caused the wreck; the bus accident is still under investigation.

It is possible that the recent ongoing weather conditions could be a contributing factor to these accidents. It is always important to be alert and follow certain guidelines while driving, but there are further precautions to take when the roads are slick. AAA reminds drivers of three main tips while driving on wet streets. These are: avoiding cruise control, slowing down and leaving room and responding correctly to a skid.

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Written by: Brawley Davis

Sources: WNCN, WRAL and AAA, all articles linked above

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