More Reader Feedback on NC House Bill 709 "Protect and Put NC Back to Work"

Yesterday we shared a comment on our blog from Kimberly about the NC House Bill 709. Today, we received more feedback from Belinda. Her comments below:

You need to realize how important workers’ compensation benefits are to all NC residents and their families. None of us ever know when we will need them. They were created to protect the citizens from losing everything. Do you not know what the impact would be on any worker, if their workers’ compensation benefits were reduced or stopped. I have been fortunate enough not to have gone through this situation, but my best friend and neighbor did. They lost their home based the long term reduction to their income and that was with the laws as they stand. How can you even consider making things worse for NC’s working families.

Please assure me that your vote on all such workers compensation reductions or caps will be a definite and resounding NO. Please protect NC workers and families from more devastation. Too many NC citizens have lost enough based on the government allowing businesses to lie and cheat the American public. Don’t let their bottom line be yours. Please represent the people that voted you into office.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter. I await your response.

 This Was Sent On 3/23/11 To My NC Senator and Representative And I Have Yet To Receive Any Response From Anyone. Makes You Wonder If Anyone Is Actually Listening.

Thank you, Belinda for taking the time to share how you feel.

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