Missing Your NC Workers' Compensation Check?

On Friday, Andrea Blanford of ABC 11  reported that numerous North Carolina workers’ compensation claims “fell through the cracks” around July 1st while they were being transferred from CorVel to Sedgwick. The article mentions that this left many injured North Carolina workers without workers’ compensation benefits checks for nearly a month. During this time, utility bills and medical bills can pile up at the injured worker’s door and become past due, says ABC 11.

The article reports that nearly 400 missing checks were in fact mailed out on Wednesday. According to ABC 11, these checks were two to three weeks old and no additional compensation will be offered to the workers that were affected by the situation.

Are you missing your workers’ compensation benefits check? If so, this can create very frustrating and even scary situations. Not being sure that your lights will be on tomorrow is not something that you, as a hard-working injured worker in North Carolina, should have to go through. If you are missing your North Carolina workers’ compensation check, it is important to call a lawyer as soon as possible. Our website provides information about what to do if you are waiting too long for a check.

We would like you to know that under North Carolina’s workers’ compensation law, if you do not receive your check within 14 days of the payment’s due date, you are entitled to receive a 10% late payment penalty for the amount you are missing. To receive this, you need to file a request with the North Carolina Industrial Commission. An attorney will be able to help you file this request and help you correct the mistake that was make with your workers’ compensation benefits. If this situation sounds familiar, do not hesitate to call the attorneys of Hardison & Cochran.


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Hardison & Cochran, Attorneys at Law, linked above.

Written by: Brawley Davis

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