Members of Hardison & Cochran Predict The NCAA Tournament

On our blog, we love posting educational articles on legal matters. We love featuring stories that can help you out in daily life. We love offering looks into what is going on in the communities across North Carolina. That’s what the blog is all about and we hope it has been a resource for you over the two years we’ve been publishing it. With all that being said, there is no doubt about one thing that all North Carolina communities are talking about this week. Yes, the NCAA Basketball Tournament. With offices full of college basketball aficionados, we figured we’d ask some members of the Hardison & Cochran team a simple question, “Who is going to win the NCAA Basketball National Championship this year?” Below is the feedback:

Mike Garland: North Carolina

Kim Oyler: Who’s playing again?

Stefanie Duncan: Duke

Mary Jones: Kansas

Pam Dowdy: Duke

Crystal Stone: North Carolina

Bill Campbell: Ohio State, but Go Vols!

Gaysha Kelley: Duke will win, of course

Davis Wood: Kansas

Clay Douglas: Kansas

Rachel Harper: Kansas

Regina Smith: Duke

From our small, unscientific poll, it looks like most are leaning towards Kansas and Duke, but we want to hear from you, so who do you think wins the NCAA Basketball Tournament this year? Leave your pick in the comments section.

Photo courtesy of Taylor.McBride via Flickr Creative Commons.