Medical Myths by Liz Szabo: Take The Test

The USA Today currently has a story posted on their online version about “Medical Myths.” Columnist Liz Szabo looks in depth at old wives tales when it comes to the medical field. Check out the article for answers to:

Does sugar make kids hyper?
Should you really wait an hour before you swim after eating?
Is it bad to fall asleep after a concussion has occurred?

Excerpt from the article:

“It’s amazing how often doctors will speak with a lot of authority when there’s no evidence that they’re right and, unfortunately, even when there’s some evidence to show that they’re wrong, A frighteningly large amount of what we do is just our best guess.”

  • Pediatrician Aaron Carroll, author of “Don’t Swallow Your Gum…” (pictured)

USA Today couldn’t just leave it to an article. They created an 11 question test for readers to test their knowledge of medical fact and fiction. CLICK HERE to take the test. We scored a 7 out of 11. Let us know what score you got in the comments section.