Los Angeles Times Columnist Suggests Beefing Up Social Security Benefits

Yesterday, we ran a story about the annual trustee report released about the financial health of the Social Security Trust Funds. Michael Hiltzik, a writer for the Los Angeles Times, says those who want to strengthen Social Security have come to “dread” this day in his April 25th column, “Let’s Beef Up Social Security Benefits Instead of Cutting Them.” He goes on to mention that the day is used more for “hand-wringing” which leads to people to call for a of cut benefits in the system.

He reminds those who may be on edge due to the news that the program isn’t “insolvent” or “bankrupt” and even if Congress does absolutely nothing, there will still be enough to pay out 75% of benefits in 2033. Also, an economic recovery would certainly would improve the systems fiscal condition.

The above is only a small portion of what Mr. Hilztik writes in his column. After the introduction of Monday’s announcement, he goes into why he thinks Social Security should be beefed up and all the talk of cuts in the system should be hushed. He doesn’t waste time getting into the discussion either. From Mr. Hiltzik’s column:

“Yes, you heard me right. It’s time to shut down the talk of cutting benefits, which serves nobody, and pump up the volume on making them better.”

If you would like to check out exactly where Mr. Hilztik suggests Social Security should be beefed up, please read the full column on the Los Angeles Times website by clicking here.