Insurer Reconsiders, Pays 2.5 Million On Workers’ Compensation Claim of Tornado Hero

On October 24th, we brought you the story of Mark Lindquist. To recap, Mr. Lindquist nearly gave his life in an effort to save three developmentally disabled adults during the deadly tornadoes in Joplin, Missouri earlier this year. When the dust settled, Mr. Lindquist was left with broken ribs and all his teeth knocked out. He was also in a coma for two months. After the tornado, 132 workers’ compensation claims were filed. Only eight were denied. Mr. Linquist’s claim was one of the eight.

One day after the media broke the story of Mr. Linquist’s denial of his claim, the insurance company decided to reconsider its decision and paid $2.5 million on the claim. Below is the statement from the insurance company:

“Upon further review of the case, and receiving additional information on the facts involved in this situation, Accident Fund believes the appropriate decision is to honor Mr. Mark Lindquist’s claim for worker’s compensation benefits. We are committed to working with Mr. Lindquist to ensure he receives all the benefits to which he is entitled and helping him to recover from his injuries.”

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* Photo courtesy of steakpinball via Flickr Creative Commons.