How Much Will I Receive From Social Security Disability?

This is one of the most popular questions we field when folks call or e-mail our firm questions about Social Security disability. To answer this question, you must look at your lifetime average earnings covered by Social Security. If you do not know this number, the Social Security Administration offers a free benefits calculator on their website.

While the Social Security benefits calculator gives you a good estimate of what monetary benefits you’ll receive, there are other factors that will decide your final benefits. If you are currently receiving workers’ compensation benefits, you may not be able to get the full amount you viewed in the calculator. The following is from the SSA website:

If you receive workers’ compensation or other public disability benefits and Social Security disability benefits, the total amount of these benefits cannot exceed 80 percent of your average current earnings before you became disabled.

Another situation where your benefits will be affected is when you are already receiving federal, state or local benefits for disabling medical conditions. The SSA website lists the following as examples of these programs: civil service disability benefits, state temporary disability benefits and state or local government retirement benefits that are based on disability.

If you are still confused, below is an example from the SSA of when someone is receiving more than Social Security Disability and how the Social Security Administration calculated what the beneficiary will receive.


Before you became disabled, your average current earnings were $4,000 a month. You, your spouse and your two children would be eligible to receive a total of $2,200 a month in Social Security disability benefits. However, you also receive $2,000 a month from workers’ compensation. Because the total amount of benefits you would receive ($4,200) is more than 80 percent of your average current earnings ($3,200), your family’s Social Security benefits will be reduced by $1,000.

So to answer the question of “How Much Will I Receive From Social Security Disability?” it is different for everyone as there are many different situations. With all this being said, the average monthly payment for Social Security Disability beneficiaries is around $1,000.