Hardison & Cochran Newsletter Readers Weigh In On Cell Phone Use While Driving

Last Thursday, we sent out our monthly e-mail newsletter and asked for feedback from our readers on the topic of cell phone usage while driving. The question came from Chapel Hill’s proposed ban on all cell phone usage which is to be voted on March 12th. For all the information on the ban, please check out our blog post from February 21st.

While there are particulars, the main bit of news is that the town of Chapel Hill is set to vote on a ban of cell phone, including hand free devices, while driving a vehicle.

We asked for feedback and we got it. Below are some of the responses we received from this question for our folks,

Do you think cell phones should be banned fully when driving?

Cell phones should be banned, no exceptions. Once passed, it needs to be enforced by law enforcement. If you want to talk, then use a hands free device. – Christine

I think if they ban cell phones, they will have to ban eating in the car, drinking drinks, tending to children in the back seat, changing the channels on the radio, putting on makeup and reading the newspaper.  I have seen all of these while riding down the road. – Martha

I would like to weigh in on the issue of cell phone use while driving. It has always amazed me that people who cannot even watch television and talk on the phone, feel that they can drive and talk on the phone or send text messages.Have you ever been speaking with someone on the phone and it’s completely obvious that they are watching television. They can’t respond to you, or listen concretely to what you’re saying. They keep saying, “Yeah.”, or worse yet, nothing at all.And I believe most people would agree that driving a vehicle requires more focus and concentration than watching television. Yet many of them will insist that they can drive and communicate via cell phone without compromising their driving skills. I never have understood it. – Karen

Texting only should be banned and drive with hands free device only, so drivers would have both hands on the wheel. – Elizabeth

I’d like to see a complete cell phone ban because there are enough distractions without cell use. And while they’re at it – ban opening the mail while driving and trying to READ it! – Kathy

Thank you to all who responded. Again, if you would like to add your opinion, please do so in the comments section below.

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