Hardison & Cochran Employees Quoted in Associated Press Article About East Coast Earthquake

The East Coast earthquake yesterday was some pretty big news. Our West Coast friends were picking at how the East Coast overreacted to the earthquake, but hey, that just doesn’t happen a lot over here. The last earthquake to hit Virgina before yesterday’s was in 1875.  They may have just been picking at the intense news coverage of the earthquake. Speaking of news coverage, two Hardison & Cochran employees were quoted in a report from the Associated Press about where they were and what they thought was going on when the tremors shook Raleigh right before 2pm yesterday.

From the Associated Press report:

Attorney Rachel Lane of Hardison & Cochran in Raleigh was in her car when she felt it and the ground shake. She immediately thought she’d have to take her car to the shop.

“I thought my car was getting ready to shut off because I had the air-conditioning on full blast,” she said. She learned about the earthquake later when her fiance texted her. Betty Lynne Montgomery, a receptionist at the same law firm, put her hands on each side of her computer monitor and moved them back and forth to explain what she saw when the earthquake shook.

“The monitor was doing this,” she said, “and I was like, OK, what do I do now?”

She said she looked out her window but didn’t leave her second-floor office even though others did. “I thought to be sure that it wasn’t an earthquake,” she said. “I just sat here. I didn’t know what to do.” She won’t make that mistake again if there are aftershocks. “Now that I know what it is, I think I shall leave,” she said.