Hardison & Cochran Client Awarded Workers' Compensation Benefits Again After Full Commission Hearing

In late December of last year, we brought you the story of James Hunt. To recap,  Mr. Hunt, who is a former principal and former Marine living in Robeson County, was shot while driving to work by an unknown person. After the shooting, Mr. Hunt put in a claim in for workers’ compensation, but he was denied benefits. In December, the North Carolina Industrial Commission ruled in favor of Mr. Hunt and he began receiving benefits. This decision was appealed and the matter was discussed again in front of a full commission on May 10th, 2011.

On June 22nd, Mr. Hunt was once again awarded workers’ compensation benefits after the full commission ruled that the injury was work related. Mr. Hunt is represented by Hardison & Cochran Managing Partner and Board Certified Specialist in North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Law, Benjamin Cochran.

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* Photo of Mr. Hunt courtesy of //whoshotprincipalhunt.blogspot.com/