Happy Eat Your Vegetables Day 2015!!!

Hardison & Cochran would like to wish you a happy “Eat Your Vegetables” Day! In honor of the day, get out there and eat your favorite vegetables (and maybe even try some new ones). It is hot outside, but veggies can be great on the grill! If it is too hot for you, there are absolutely countless resources online and on television about how to make those vegetables taste great. Chef Gordon Ramsay will usually steer you in the right direction. It is important to get that flavor down so that you and your family are encouraged to munch on veggies throughout the year, not just today! We know now that we can no longer completely rely on what we see on a food pyramid. Food pyramids (updated at least annually) are a decent guide, but now we know that the amount of each type of food that a person needs really depends upon the needs and lifestyle of the individual. Following this new way of thinking about dieting, the USDA is currently in its 4th year of an easily available program called “MyPlate”. This program sets dietary guidelines and offers numerous, personalized and easy-to-use diet tracking methods to people of all ages. Even if you decide not to eat a vegetable today, take the time to visit the site linked above to create a personal diet plan so that you and each one of your family members can have a healthier future!