Government Policy Change Allows States to Seize Federal Benefits for Child Support

A February 26th report from the Washington Post reports that a change in government policy will allow states to seize every dollar of federal benefits from people who owe back child support. This includes Social Security disability benefits. The policy change is within the Treasury Department and not the Social Security Administration.

Taking benefits from those who owe child support is not new as states could capture 65 percent of benefits of those who opted for benefit payment by way of paper check. Now 100 percent of this payment can be captured by the state because in March of 2013 payment by way of paper check will not be an option. All payments will be deposited in banking accounts or loaded onto prepaid debit cards. It is estimated that 275,000 men could be without any income due to the policy change.

For more information on this policy change, please view the full article from the Washington Post.

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