Glumetza Recall Information

Last week, drug developer Depomed Inc. announced it will recall 52 lots of its diabetes drug Glumetza. The recall has come after the chemical, 2,4,6-tribromoanisole (TBA), was found to be present in the drug’s 500 mg bottles. This recall does not include the drug’s 1,000 mg product. The recall came after an investigation into the drug after the smell and taste of the chemical was reported in a single product complaint.

The chemical, TBA, can cause temporary non-serious gastrointestinal discomfort in situations where there is enough present where it can be smelled. Depomed Inc. has suspended all shipments of the 500 mg product. The company is currently in talks with the FDA concerning the recall. They expect to resume shipments in four to eight weeks. For more information about the drug Glumetza, please click here. For information about other defective drugs, click here.

*Picture courtesy of WebMD