Fibromyalgia: How It Affects Men

We came across an interesting article last week on fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia (click link for detailed information) is a disorder that causes chronic pain and many other adverse symptoms. The disorder affects over 5 million people in the United States. Of that 5 million, as the article from WebMD states, only 10% are men. These numbers have given the disorder a perception as a women’s only condition.

The article, authored by Matt McMillen, takes readers on a trip through the eyes of a 58 year old, once active man who now has fibromyalgia. From the quotes below, you can see that the gentleman has had some rough times with his disorder and the perception that only women are affected.

“When I first went to a support group meeting, it was all women. Some didn’t want me there.”

“One of my best friends doesn’t believe I have it. His wife, who is a doctor, told him men can’t get it, that it is in my head. That kind of hurt.”

The article is a great read. You can view by clicking here.

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