Christmas Tree Safety for North Carolina Families

It’s that time of year. The big Thanksgiving meal is over and we are moving closer and closer to Christmas. If they haven’t already, many folks will be putting up Christmas trees over the next week. Christmas trees are a great way to show your holiday spirit and setting one up is a great activity for the whole family, but they can also be hazardous if precautions are not taken to ensure they are safe.

According to the US Fire Administration, Christmas trees account for 250 fires annually which result in 14 deaths, 26 injuries and more than $13 million in damages. In addition, a Christmas tree that does not have sufficient base may tip over. While this isn’t near as bad as a fire, there are still some safety concerns present with small children and pets. Below we have provided resources to look over to make sure your Christmas tree is safe. After looking through some of these resources, please check out your tree.