FDA's Advisory Panel Meeting on Avandia: News From Day 2

The links below provide news and opinion from the 2nd day of the FDA Advisory Panel on Avandia. Get a complete look at both days of the meeting by checking out the first day of news and opinion.

Federal panel: Evidence shows increased health risks associated with Avandia
Avandia debate spotlights key FDA decision makers
Avandia, GSK, FDA, Angels & Demons
Avandia increases risk of heart problems: panel
Glaxo Said to Pay $460 Million to Settle Avandia Damage Suits
Blogging the F.D.A. Panel on Avandia
Clinical Data on Avandia Raises Safety Concerns
Avandia On Trial: Glaxo’s Cardinal Sin of Bad Data
Avandia On Trial: A Plea To Weigh All The Evidence
Avandia On Trial: The Key Question
Avandia on Trial: Glaxo’s Cognitive Dissonance
Avandia On Trial: How I Would Vote
Avandia on Trial: An Outsider Perspective
Avandia On Trial: The First Votes
Avandia: The Key Vote Is Negative
Avandia On Trial: The Panel’s Damning Verdict
Panel Sees No Increase In Mortality For Avandia

(This list will be updated as more news becomes available)