FDA's Advisory Panel Meeting on Avandia: News From Day 1

Following are links to news stories and opinion of the first day of a FDA advisory panel meeting on the diabetes drug Avandia. For more information on Avandia please click here.

Recall Avandia? “Keep an open mind,” says one FDA commissioner
FDA Scientists Debate Results Of Glaxo Avandia Study
One Sign FDA Could Pull Avandia
FDA advisory panel may make recommendation on safety of diabetes drug Avandia tomorrow
Avandia Bares Changing FDA
Avandia Panel Hints at Doubts Over Credibility
Avandia Hearings to Reveal True Dangers of Popular Drug
Avandia on Trial: Glaxo’s Lame Defense
Avandia On Trial: The FDA Counterpoint
Avandia On Trial: FDA Reviewer Goes On the Offensive
Avandia On Trial: Nissen’s Prosecution
Avandia On Trial: Glaxo’s Defense III
Avandia on Trial: Glaxo’s Defense Part II
Avandia on Trial: Glaxo Begins Its Defense
Avandia On Trial