Adam Bridwell Bailed Out at Today’s MDA Lock Up in Raleigh, North Carolina

Well Adam got locked up, but we here at the office along with many other friends and family of Hardison & Cochran put up the donations to get him out. When all was said and done Adam brought in $800 for the MDA.

It was a great day at the Capital City Club as volunteers jetted around Raleigh to lock up area business leaders and they came through with the donations. The funds are still being counted, but don’t fret, when we hear the final tally we will pass it on to you.

Barbara Gibbs from ABC Channel 11 handled the emcee duties, while everyone was on the phone trying to raise their bail money. Wool E. Bull made an appearance. The North Carolina State ROTC performed the foot patrol duties in Downtown Raleigh. Charlie kept everyone in good spirits with an art contest and wasn’t very shy with talking to anyone and everyone. All in all it was a great day for the MDA.

You can view the pictures we took via Blackberry here.