A Hand of Thanks for the Helping Hands

A person who has been seriously injured in a car accident usually passes through many compassionate hands before the dedicated attorneys at Hardison & Cochran are called upon to help. Our legal team cares deeply about the clients who turn to us for legal assistance in their time of need. We recognize that other professionals also deserve sincere thanks for the compassion and courtesy that they show to accident victims and their families after a serious motor vehicle accident.

Thanks to the firefighter who is the first on the scene and works quickly to rescue an accident victim trapped in a crushed car that might burst into flames at any moment.

Thanks to the emergency medical responder whose skilled treatment and soothing words create a comfort zone in which an accident victim feels more secure amid the chaos of an accident.

Thanks to the police officer and state trooper whose commanding presence at a crash scene inspire confidence that order will be restored and that the at-fault driver will be held accountable.

Thanks to the emergency room doctor who applies his or her medical training and experience to treat an accident victim’s traumatic injuries so that the patient can start to heal and return to the family.

Thanks to the nurses who attend to an accident victim’s needs and whose kind words and caring touch can reduce a patient’s fears and anxiety.

Thanks to the pastor, priest or rabbi who stops by the hospital to visit the sick and check on an accident victim and share a word of prayer.

Thanks to the physical therapist whose patient encouragement and strong shoulder on which to lean will help an accident victim regain essential motor skills in the months to come.

In helping car accident victims recover from serious accidents, we often deal with the investigating police officers and others who attended to our client in the hours, days and months after the accident, wherever the accident occurred —Raleigh, Greensboro or some other North Carolina community.

We have seen so many examples of your professional dedication to serving others and the kindnesses you have shown accident victims in Raleigh and across eastern North Carolina. As personal injury attorneys, we at Hardison & Cochran share your abiding commitment to helping people in need. Yet, in the daily pursuit of justice for clients, it is easy to forget to thank those steadfast, caring professionals who extended a helping hand and deserve recognition.

Thanks to all the helping hands for the support that you have provide our clients to help them get back on their feet.