6 Hot Weather Tips For Your Family Pet

The forecast for the majority of North Carolina this week is between the high 80’s and low 90’s. This is the first wave of heat we have experienced in 2011, so it’s always good to have a reminder of how to deal with the heat. Well, you know how to keep yourself cool and hydrated if you’re working or playing outside, but what about your furry loved ones? Below are 6 tips on making sure your family pets stay safe as the mercury rises. We also added a bonus video from FoxNY below the tips.

  1. Shade & Hydrate
    If you’re going to take it outside with your pets, always make sure to have some cool, clean water around where they can get a drink when they become dehydrated. After a little outside exercise in the heat, make sure you have a spot at the park or around your house where your pet can sit in the shade and relax.
  2. Keep an Eye Out For Warning Signs
    Just like humans, pets have warning signs when they are overheating. These include excessive panting, increased heart rate, drooling, mild weakness, stupor and collapse. Bloody diarrhea and vomiting are also signs of overheating.
  3. Take Some Off The Top
    Depending upon the breed, some pets have very thick, long coats. Take your pet to a reputable groomer and let them know you want your pet to be protected from the sun, but also have a light coat to stay cool during the warm days.
  4. NEVER Leave Your Pet In a Parked Car
    Parked cars on hot days can become very, very hot. Sliding the windows down won’t help much either. If you can’t bring them with you to your destination, just don’t bring them at all.
  5. Ice, Ice Baby
    It will take no time for water dishes left in the heat to become hot. Check on your pets outside water supply during the day and drop in some ice cubes to keep the water cool.
  6. Morning and Late Evening Walks
    If you get off work at 3pm and go home and walk your pet, you may want to think about delaying the walk to later in the evening. With the hot weather comes hot asphalt and concrete. These can easily burn the paws of your pet. If you’re able to, a good morning walk when the sun is just coming up would be good as well.

Pet Heat Safety Tips: MyFoxNY.com

Photo courtesy of Gore Fiendus via Flickr Creative Commons.

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