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MDA Lock-Ups Coming to Wake Forest and Southern Pines

mda_lock_up_cuffsThe end of the year is approaching fast. Many may see this as a time to coast into Thanksgiving and Christmas just to get amped up for 2010 after New Year’s Day, but the folks at the MDA, as always, are working hard to close out 2009 on a positive note. If you’re a regular reader to the blog, you have seen our post on the various MDA Lock-Ups in Eastern North Carolina. More specifically, the Raleigh Lock Up and the Durham Lock Up.

While these two locations may get the most attention, the Eastern North Carolina MDA office throws these events all across the eastern part of the state. Tomorrow, the MDA folks will be getting out and about in the Wake Forest area looking for jail birds. The 2010 season of Lock-Ups will end in Southern Pines on December 10th. If you live in these areas, you better be on your toes because they might be coming for you.

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