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The Raleigh Lock-Up Results

Handcuffs. Mug shots. Jail cells. Bail. The Muscular Dystrophy Association locked-up Raleigh business leaders for having a kind heart on August 27 at the Capital City Club. It took over $107,000 to bailout the 130 Jail Birds that attended the lock-up! This makes the Raleigh Lock-Up (TELU) the largest lock-up of the year!

How far will $107,000 go?

  • 20 hours of groundbreaking research.
  • 53 pieces of equipment and 214 repairs.
  • 133 families will receive 4 free clinic visits for a whole year!
  • 133 children can attend camp.

The local families are always at the core of everything that happens at MDA. The Lock-Up gave the Jail Birds and the volunteers the opportunity to meet these families. Charlie, Ryan and James all attended the Lock-Up and they all have some form of Muscular Dystrophy.

Here are some more pictures from TELU:

P8270001Judges Chief Poole and James reading Jail Birds their rights
P8270026Bill and Ryan
P8270040Charlie posing with a Jail Bird at the Mug Shot Station

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