14 Lawn Care Safety Tips For Your Family

Some people see yard work as a chore they must do. Others take pleasure in keeping their yards in tip-top condition. Either way you go about it, safety, as always, comes into play. Below are 14 tips to stay safe as you and your family take care of the lawn and landscaping duties this spring and summer.

  1. Wear protective clothing such as jeans, pants, boots and sunglasses. A majority of lawn care injuries occur by simply not being protected.
  2. Turn off the lawn mower before you gas it back up.
  3. Never leave lawn care equipment running while you are not around to operate it.
  4. Do not let children or animals around you while you are performing your yard duties. Also, do not let children ride along with you if you have a riding mower.
  5. If you need your lawn mower blade sharpened, take it to a professional.
  6. Do not take a riding mower across a steep incline. It can cause you to lose control and roll over.
  7. If you are using a push behind mower, always keep all four wheels on the ground.
  8. If you use an electric mower, never use it when it is wet or raining.
  9. Make sure you clean off the top of your mower. If grass accumulates on top and you continue to mow, the engine heat could ignite a fire.
  10. Make all height adjustments to the mower while it is off.
  11. When you are finished mowing, let the engine cool down before you begin your cleaning process.
  12. Walk around your yard and pick up any debris (small rocks, limbs, etc) before you mow.
  13. If an injury occurs, stop mowing and treat the injury. If professional help is needed to treat the injury, call 911 or go to the emergency room as soon as possible.
  14. Make sure all your law mower fuel is stored properly in approved containers.

More Safety Tips: 

* Photo courtesy of Patrick Hoesly via Flickr Creative Commons.