10 Safety Tips for Halloween

Take these steps to ensure your and your child’s 2010 Halloween is a fun and safe one:

  1. If you are going to let you children go into the neighborhood alone, make sure they check in with you every hour by cell phone or by stopping back by your house.
  2. Make sure they know the route to take on Halloween night. Take them out in the neighborhood before the big night and walk them step-by-step where they are supposed to go.
  3. If you don’t want your children to go out in a group without adult supervision, but are unable to go yourself, see if there are any adults in your neighborhood who are walking their children around and see if they care if your child is included in their trip.
  4. Make sure your child’s costume is safe. It should be fire proof or treated with a fire retardant to ensure maximum safety. If they are going to wear a mask, make sure the eye holes are big enough where they have maximum vision.
  5. Cook up some treats to feed your children before they go out for the night. This way they will not be tempted to eat any of the candy they receive before they bring it back and you are able to make sure it is all safe.
  6. If your child’s costume involves a prop (sword, knife, etc) make sure the sides and tips are smooth. Also, check to make sure it is flexible where it will not cause any harm if your child falls at some point during the night.
  7. Make sure your child knows not to get in any cars or go into anyone’s house during the course of the night.
  8. If you have two children going trick-or-treating, make sure the older child knows to always look out for the younger one. This means holding their hand as they cross streets and making sure the younger one is always by their side when approaching houses.
  9. Before Halloween, go out and buy each child in your family a flashlight. Even if your neighborhood is well lit, this will ensure they will not be in the dark.
  10. To ensure your child is always noticed, buy your children reflective stickers, glow sticks or flashing Halloween decorations to put on their costume or around their ankles and wrists.
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