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In North Carolina, a person who has a claim or legal action must bring that claim or action within a specified time period, called the Statute of Limitations. If they do not bring their claim or action, it is gone forever. Different cases, such as cases involving negligence, assaults, contracts, property disputes, etc., have different statutes of limitations. Therefore, for anyone who believes they may have a claim or action, they need to take immediate steps to make sure they do not lose their right to pursue their claim or action.

Even though different types of cases have different lengths of time within which you must bring the case, in any type of case, the period starts from the day your case arose. This means if you were in an automobile accident, then your statute of limitations would begin to start running on the day of the accident. If someone did not do something they should have done under a contract you entered into with them, then your statute of limitations may begin to run from the day the other person did not do what they were supposed to do. It is important, for any case, that you know what day that statute of limitations would start running.

The next most important step is to consult a lawyer immediately. As said before, different type of cases have different lengths of periods to bring your case. A lawyer will know exactly how long you have to bring your case, and from talking with you, will be able to tell you when that time will run out. If you don’t talk with a lawyer and find out this important information as soon as possible, you may find yourself out of time to bring your case.

One of the most frustrating things as a lawyer is to talk with someone about a case and find out that, while the statute of limitations has not run out on their case, there isn’t much time left. The frustrating part of this problem is that it takes a significant amount of time for a lawyer to properly prepare any case before filing a lawsuit, and when people, through no fault of their own, wait too long to bring their case, many lawyers are simply unable to help those people. Because of other cases and clients, a lawyer may not have the amount of time it would take to properly prepare the case to be filed in such a short time frame. Telling someone that you cannot help them because they had waited too long to talk with you is very difficult for a lawyer.

So if you believe you may have a case, or you think you might have one but you do not know, consult a lawyer immediately to find out. Besides finding out whether you have a case, you will also find out valuable information about bringing your case that could prevent you from losing your right to file that case.

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