Salt Lake City Tribune Spotlights Social Security Disability Case

In 2006, Gordon Branin was unloading the back of trailer when his pelvis was crushed in a an accident. Being in a wheelchair and feeling very intense pain, he applied for Social Security disability benefits in November of the same year. No luck; Branin was denied. Of course Branin wasn’t alone at this point because 31% of people get denied at this point according to a 2008 report. Even being in a wheelchair the Social Security Administration was basically saying that he could work within the first year of his injury and disability.

After time and seeking counsel, Branin received benefits in April of 2008. While that was the ultimate goal, during the layover where he was not receiving benefits, Branin and his family relieved the financial stress by way of their credit card. The financial troubles seem to always come along with the trouble in getting Social Security disability. For every Branin story told, there are 40 untold. In this economic climate, financial trouble can leave someone worrying about more things than just simply regaining their health.

The full article written Kathy McKitrick by can be read here.