Recognizing Concussions in Youth Sports

If you have been reading the Hardison & Cochran Blog here lately, you may have noticed we’ve been posting frequently about athletics. From the end of the NFL Lock-out, to the start of the college football season and of course our own Hardison & Cochran Kings basketball team.

Today, we’re going to again focus on sports, but this one is a very serious matter. If you’re a football fan, you know the dangers of concussions. The threat of concussions and brain injury have changed the professional and college game in recent years:

All of these rule changes and stricter penalties were put into place for the safety of the players. Remember, this is the NFL. We’re talking about million dollar athletes with nothing but the best gear and best resources at their disposal if they happen to be injured. If a player is hurt, there are doctors and trainers that will treat them right on the field. The same can be said for most colleges and high schools that have a dedicated athletic staff.

Needless to say, things are a little different when it comes to youth sports. So today, we’re going to give you some resources about concussions where you will know what to look for if your child, grandchild or a friend’s children ever takes a serious hit to the head during a game or practice. These resources are also good if you live in a neighborhood full of children and someone is injured and you’re the only one around for help.

*Picture courtesy of accutalk via Flickr Creative Commons.

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