North Carolina Workers' Compensation Case Mistakes: Not Knowing When to Return to Work

Most employers at the request of the workers’ compensation insurance company will provide light duty to injured workers. Either the employer or the insurance adjuster may then require the injured worker to return to work.

But what type of light-duty is being offered? Prior to returning to work it is necessary to know what you will be doing for the employer. Some employers simply say, “We will find you something”. Unfortunately this actually may breed a hostile environment which may have not only poor ramifications on your recovery but also your employment with the employer.

If you return to work without an established job position then the employer will be forced to come up with tasks over and over again. Other employees often resent having to do this and the immediate supervisor often begins to demean the injured employee without even realizing it simply due to this resentment. Also in this situation the injured employee is asked to do specific tasks without regard to their restrictions.