Join the Team by Pledging to Increase Awareness of the Autism Society of North Carolina

The attorneys at Hardison & Cochran understand the value of a team approach to solving problems. Hardison & Cochran is proud to partner with the University of North Carolina Athletics and the Autism Society of North Carolina to form #TeamAutismNC.

#TeamAutismNC 2016 combines the knowledge and resources of the Autism Society of North Carolina with the audience reach of Tar Heels football and the financial support of Hardison & Cochran.

You can join this special team by helping to spread the word about the services and support provided by the Autism Society of North Carolina across the state.  Autism is a development disability that affects the lives of thousands of families in North Carolina.

The #TeamAutismNC website includes a schedule of upcoming events and activities by the Autism Society of North Carolina.

When you join Team Autism NC, your name will be added to the team roster. You also will be eligible for prizes awarded during weekly give-a-way contests throughout the 2016 football season.

#TeamAutismNC 2016 builds upon the annual autism awareness campaign begun in 2014 by the three partners.

According to the Autism Society, more than 60,000 North Carolina residents cope with the Autism Spectrum Disorder, which describes a group of developmental disabilities affecting a person’s capacity to grasp what they see, hear and sense, such as classic autism, Asperger’s syndrome, and Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS).

North Carolina’s incidence of autism is higher than the national rate, with 1 in 58 people born with the disorder compared to 1 of 68 children across the country, according to the Autism Society of North Carolina.

By pledging to spread the word about the services and support offered by the Autism Society of North Carolina and helping improve the lives of those affected by autism, you too can join the team.

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Hardison & Cochran was established based on the conviction that a modern approach was essential in today’s legal landscape. Focused on delivering exceptional results through a skilled team, the firm prioritizes personal attention, integrity, and client needs. Each attorney, paralegal, and staff member is dedicated to this vision. Over three decades, with Ben Cochran overseeing daily operations, the firm has evolved into a highly respected practice.

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