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Each Tuesday of the past four weeks we have been sending out the Hardison & Cochran weekly Motorcycle E-Newsletter out to folks we’ve met at events we’ve attended such as the Freedom Biker Church Open House and the Rocky Mount Harley Davidson Bike Night. Below is a taste of what our newsletter contains each week. If you would like to get this E-Newsletter in your inbox each week, all you have to do is send an e-mail to wsc@lawyernc.com and we’ll put you on it. Happy riding!

August 10, 2010

On The Road To Sturgis 2010

Bryan Harley, Cruiser Editor for Motorcycle USA, is taking a journey to Sturgis. Starting in Colorado, he updates with observations and stops along the way. Check out his first article on his ride here and his second article here. Yes, Bryan’s last name is Harley. He states that he is no relation, but he does enjoy hitting the open road on Harley-Davidson motorcycles. There may or may not be a reference to a billy goat within these articles. Check it out for yourself.

Weekly Riding Tip

It seems that the older I get, the more people I know who have lower back problems, including myself. Following are a couple of tips that address the lower back. The first may be obvious to most of you, but the second may come as a surprise.

  1. If you have a backrest or just a seat with a modest riser in it you should BEND FORWARD BEFORE HITTING A BUMP. Note that this is in addition to putting your weight on your foot pegs. When the rear wheel goes over a bump, your backrest can hit your lower back as if it was a baseball bat if you do not get away from it.
  2. Wear a good set of leather chaps! These are constructed in such a way as to provide a sturdy wide leather band covering the lower back. When you are in a sitting position, this wide band of leather provides an amazing amount of lower back support.

Souls of Service LEMC Poker Run (August 14th)

On August 14th the Souls of Service Motorcycle Club will be having a Poker Run to benefit SAFE of Harnett County. Check out the flyer here for all the information. Also, please take a minute to check out the SAFE of Harnett County website to see what the funds will go to.

Clint Eastwood

Is a smooth operator. Check out his classic motorcycle pic here.

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