Five Ways to Stay Safe While Traveling This Summer

The month of June brings warm weather, the end of classes for many school children, and the opportunity to travel on vacation. While some families will travel by plane on vacation, others will hop in their vehicles and take a road trip via Interstate 40 or 95. Wherever your preferred travel method this summer, keeping safety in mind should be a priority.

Here are five vacation safety tips to keep in mind this summer:

1. Reduce Your Risk of Getting Robbed – Travel Light

No matter your destination this year, you can take some precautions to reduce your risk of being robbed – and minimize any important items that a thief might get in the event that you are – by doing the following:

  • Bring only essentials. An article in com reminds travelers to clean our their wallets/purses before traveling, and to bring only necessary documents and items while you are on vacation. You will reduce your risk of losing anything important this way.
  • Wear your money and important documents close to your body. Large purses that do not completely close and are hung distractedly are more tempting for thieves. Wear your important documents close to your body, preferably in something that zips shut.
  • Blend in. Standing out in a crowd can make you an easy target. You can blend in by wearing basic clothing and colors, and leaving any expensive jewelry, purses, or baggage at home.
  • Travel in well-lit, safe areas. Some areas are more dangerous than others, but most would agree that traveling down a dark street in an unknown neighborhood is a risk that you should not take.

2. Be Safe Around the Water

Many families choose to head to the water in the summer months, seeking a cool place to play. While the beach, lake, river or pool can be an amazing place for adults and children to relax and enjoy spending time, water can also be dangerous. Water safety should be at the top of your list of summer travel safety tips. Water safety means making sure that everyone in your family has taken swimming lessons and knows how to stay above water. Never combine consuming alcohol and swimming. Always supervise children, even if they are great swimmers. Put life vests on children and yourself when boating, engaging in watersports, or on open water.

When outdoors, do not forget about sun protection! A sunburn can quickly turn a fun vacation into a painful one, and may lead to skin damage. Always get out of the sun before you begin to burn, and wear light-colored long-sleeved clothing to protect yourself.

 3. Get There Safely

It is not just at your destination that you need to think about safety tips while on vacation. Safety should begin before you leave. Before you pack up the car and hit the road, be sure to prepare your vehicle and your family for the trip. Important to-dos before driving this summer include the following:

  • Perform maintenance on your vehicle. A poorly maintained vehicle is a major hazard, and may increase your risk of being involved in a crash or experiencing a breakdown while driving.
  • Plan your route. Driving without a plan in mind could be dangerous, especially if you are the sole driver and become fatigued but have no place to rest. Know where you will stop for food, sleep, and gas along the way.
  • Pack a car emergency kit. A car emergency kit that includes a flashlight, food and water for all people in your car, a first aid kit, basic tools and car repair items, and a cellphone to call for help is essential when you are traveling.
  • Pack car games, books, and more. If you will be traveling with children, make sure that you bring items that will keep your kids entertained throughout the drive. Children can be some of the most dangerous distractions for drivers. An article in ABC News states that children are 12 times more distracting than is talking on a cellphone. Keep everyone safe by ensuring your children have something to focus on.

4. Use the Buddy System

When traveling, it is important to always tell a trusted source where you are going and what your plans are. Just telling som eone your plans is not enough. You also should use the buddy system when exploring new places, and urge your children to do the same. Travelers are more vulnerable when traveling on their own. Bring your spouse or your friend if you have an urge to check out a new part of the city or go on a hike on an unknown trail.

5. Keep Your Kids Close

You know better than anyone that kids can get into trouble when they are unsupervised. When around water or other dangers, and when far from home, a lack of supervision might lead to a dangerous situation as well. Remind your children that if they do get separated from you that they should never go with a stranger, no matter how friendly that stranger might be. Point out safe areas or meet-up points for a child, such as a hotel gift shop, concierge, or information center.

If There’s a Problem, We Can Help

At Hardison & Cochran, we hope that you have an amazing summer that is full of problem-free traveling. If your efforts for safe travel do not pan out and you or a family member suffers a personal injury while far from home, our knowledgeable North Carolina personal injury attorneys are ready to help. For a free case consultation where you can learn more about your rights to recovery, call us today or fill out our online form.

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