Bus Safety Revisions Approved by NC BOE

In an attempt to improve safety for students who ride school buses in North Carolina, the Board of Education has approved a new hand signal policy to be used by drivers, according to WNCN. The article states that five students have already been hurt this year due to drivers passing stopped school buses, even with the $500 fine attached to being caught doing so. Now, WNCN reports, in order to make crossing the street safer, the child will wait for the driver to signal before crossing.

This type of school bus tragedy is not the only one North Carolina has experienced this year. In May, a Brunswick County first-grader was left, asleep, on a school bus, says Time Warner Cable News. According to the article, she was found and returned to her parents after being evaluated by the school nurse.  More recently, in Chapel Hill, ABC News reported that a two-year-old girl was left in a daycare bus for several hours on an extremely hot June day. Perhaps it is time to revamp those evacuation procedures as well?

More disturbing information in ABC’s article was that the daycare center seemed to discourage the mother from contacting authorities and to instead handle the situation with them. If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of your child being hurt at daycare, the most important thing is to help your child recover from the incident. When they recover and you feel ready to seek legal advice, please call us at Hardison & Cochran to tell us your story. For more information about signs of daycare abuse and steps to take if you suspect it, visit our page named North Carolina Child Care Lawyers on our website.

Written by: Brawley Davis

Information from: WNCN, Time Warner Cable News, ABC News, and Hardison & Cochran, Attorneys at Law


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