North Carolina Attorneys

North Carolina should be known as the Renaissance State. From an economic low point to a leader in the United States economy and quality of life for its residents in less than 50 years, should be quite a laurel. But NC will never again be satisfied with anything but the best. The drive and educated intelligence that has carried NC this far is not about to stop now. More and more, ‘the best in the world’, ‘the largest in the world’ ‘world-class’, and ‘the latest technology in the world’ are the terms used to describe developments in this state of NC.

Here’s to the land of the long leaf pine,
The summer land where the sun doth shine,
Where the weak grow strong and the strong grow great,

Here’s to “Down Home,” the Old North State!

from North Carolina State Toast

Second to none in the fields of Research and Development, North Carolina was among the first to fully integrate its educational community into its drive to restore economic stability and then develop unheard of prosperity in this area. And what an educational community it is. The history of North Carolina’s higher education began with the first settlement. The striking achievements of the business leaders in NC, is due in large part to the cooperation of the educational system. Special education and training is available through the schools in cooperation with business leaders and coordinated with new business attracted to the area. This has led to the high percentage of qualified employees in NC. Again, the input of some of the largest and best research departments in universities and laboratories across the state, have enabled NC to attract a stunning number of R & D businesses worldwide.

  • North Carolina is ranked in the top 10 in the United States in:
  • international exports
  • economic transformation
  • manufacturing and crafting for export
  • manufacturing vitality
  • agriculture
  • heritage tourism
  • bioscience R & D
  • educational / teacher quality improvement
  • student achievement
  • climate and quality of life
  • safest U.S. City
  • as location for the growing automotive industry
  • an exceptional place to live, work and visit
  • Best Large Metro Areas to start a business (per Inc. magazine: Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte, Wilmington-Jacksonville area were #4, #7, and #7 in the 50 Best Small Metro Area category, respectively. Criteria used: number of new businesses locating to the area over the past ten years, and the growth index of those companies)

From the Crystal Coast, where the shell-strewn beach is white and sandy, to the Great Smoky Mountains (including Mount Mitchell, the tallest mountain in the eastern United States), the beauty of North Carolina is legendary.

North Carolina is varied enough to offer every staple of recreation as well as some more exotic occupations, such as oystering, fishing (trout, bass, etc.), sportfishing (marlin in the nearby Gulf Stream), horseback riding (on the beach and otherwise), sailing, motor boating, island explorations (the Barrier Islands are noted for their beauty), kayaking, swimming, diving, hiking (mountain trails or estuaries), mountain biking, fly-fishing, camping and climbing – and the list goes on. With visibility of more than 100 feet and water temperatures of 80 degrees, off-shore diving (there are sunken wrecks in the Graveyard of the Atlantic), and Gulf Stream dives are popular past-times.

Here’s to the land of the cotton bloom white,
Where the scuppernong perfumes the breeze at night,
Where the soft southern moss and jessamine mate,
Neath the murmuring pines of the Old North State!

Here’s to the land where the galax grows,
Where the rhododendron’s rosette glows,
Where soars Mount Mitchell’s summit great,
In the “Land of the Sky,” in the Old North State!

from North Carolina State Toast

Virginia Dare, the first English child born in America, was born in Roanoke, NC, in 1587. Native American Indians have imprinted their culture in many areas of this lovely state. The Cherokee named these mountains Shaconage – Place of Blue Smoke).The history of the United States is reflected in the historical heritage of NC – Battle sites from the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, Monuments to strides in technology and agriculture, manufacturing and architecture are all there in North Carolina.

Here’s to the land where maidens are fair,
Where friends are true and cold hearts rare,
The near land, the dear land, whatever fate,
The blest land, the best land, the Old North State!

from North Carolina State Toast