Ready to ride? How to Get Your Motorcycle License in North Carolina?


Two paths to get licensed in NC:  1. Learner Permit (16-18) or  2. Motorcycle Endorsement (18+). You must already possess a valid NC driver's license: – full provisional (level 3) license; a regular license; or a commercial driver license.

Eligibility Requirements


Learner Permit (If under 18)

Allows supervised practice before the full endorsement. Requirements: 1. Complete a motorcycle safety course. 2. Pass vision, knowledge, and road sign tests at the DMV.



Motorcycle Endorsement (All Ages)

Adds motorcycle privileges to your existing driver's license. Requirements: 1. Pass a knowledge test at the DMV. 2. Pass an off-street motorcycle skills test (DMV schedule, limited locations).



Learner Permit holders MUST complete an approved safety test. Tests highly recommended for all new riders, even if not required for full endorsement.


Is it possible to schedule a motorcycle permit test online in North Carolina?

Yes, it is! You can make an appointment, find, cancel, or reschedule appointments online.


Check out our comprehensive guide to obtaining a motorcycle license in North Carolina on our website.