The 2023 People's Survey

One Randomly Drawn Participant Will Receive $1,000

The 2023 People's Survey FAQs

Why does Hardison & Cochran perform this survey?

This survey encompasses a broad spectrum of topics that are of significant interest to us as a firm. It spans from understanding what individuals seek in legal services to their preferences in content consumption and their online and offline activities.

The responses we gather through this survey play a pivotal role in evaluating and refining our various processes, procedures, marketing strategies, advertising efforts, and overall operations within our organization. Continual improvement is a core objective for us, and this annual survey serves as a vital source of insights from our valued participants.

Ultimately, business success revolves around meeting the needs and expectations of people. Therefore, on an annual basis, we meticulously review all our operations and offerings, making necessary adjustments. This survey serves as one of the crucial data points that guide us in this ongoing process of enhancement. Your participation is greatly appreciated and contributes significantly to our efforts in better serving you and our community.

How long is the survey open?

The 2023 People’s Survey will be open to participate in between October 15th 2023 – November 30th, 2023.

Who can participate in this survey?

Anyone who is 18+ years of age and a resident of the state of North Carolina is welcome to participate in our 2023 People’s Survey.

Do I have to be a former client or current client of Hardison & Cochran to take the survey?

No. This survey is open to anyone who is 18+ years of age and is a legal resident of North Carolina.

Can I take the survey multiple times?

No, each individual can only submit one survey.

Can my family members or friends take the survey?

Yes. We welcome anyone who is 18+ years of age and a legal resident of North Carolina to participate in this survey.

Who is eligible to receive the $1000?

Three requirements must be met to be eligible for the random drawing for the $1,000. The participant must fully complete the survey and submit it successfully. The participant must be 18 years of age or older at the time of the survey being completed. Finally, the participant must be a legal resident of the state of North Carolina. If all of these requirements are satisfied, the participants name will be entered into the pool to potentially be drawn and the recipient of the $1,000.

How will the $1000 recipient be drawn?

One day after the survey has closed, which will be December 1st, 2023, a list of survey participants who are eligible to receive the $1,000 will be produced in an Excel Spreadsheet. This spreadsheet will randomize the participants and assign each participant with a number. A number will then be produced randomly. The random number associated with the participant on the spreadsheet will be deemed the winner.  

How will the $1000 recipient be contacted?

On December 1st, 2023, a member of the Hardison & Cochran team will call and e-mail the participant letting them know they are the recipient of the $1000 from the 2023 People’s Survey. We will confirm contact information. 

What if you can't get in contact with the initial recipient of the $1000?

If there is no immediate response from the first participant drawn to receive the $1000, we will try each day for seven days. If after seven days there is no response from the initial participant drawn, we will repeat the process as explained above to draw a new participant. This process will repeat until someone is contacted and confirmed. 

2023 People's Survey Terms + Conditions

By participating and submitting a completed survey, you are confirming that you are 18+ years of age. You also agree to receive marketing communications from Hardison & Cochran, Attorneys at Law. By submitting a survey, you also acknowledge that taking this survey is optional and does not in any way form an attorney-client relationship between you and Hardison & Cochran.  

Contact Info:

If you have any additional questions about the 2023 People’s Survey, please email William Campbell at