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Client Bill of Rights

We believe as our client you have the:

  • Right to talk to your attorney the same day you call.
  • Right to be updated regularly and in a timely manner as to the progress of your case.
  • Right to our respect.
  • Right to expect competence from our firm and all who work here.
  • Right to know the truth about your case.
  • Right to prompt attention from us.
  • Right to have your legal rights and options explained in plain English without legal mumbo jumbo.
  • Right to a fair written fee agreement with our firm.
  • Right to a fair fee for the work we do.
  • Right to make the ultimate decision on your case.

All attorneys are governed by a higher standard called the Code of Ethics. We believe as attorneys we must live by these ethics in all that we do and say.

Among these ethics is one specific right you should be aware of that your lawyer is obligated to provide:

CLIENT CONFIDENTIALITY: This is called attorney-client privilege. This means that a lawyer, or any member of his or her staff, cannot reveal most things you say or show to your lawyer. This is true if you have hired that lawyer or just talked with a lawyer and communicated certain information. There are exceptions such as someone who reveals something illegal such as a scheme to defraud or give perjured testimony.

Hardison & Cochran is committed to the highest standard in legal representation.

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