Motorcycle Injury Legal Glossary

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ABS: Antilock Brake System. A component added to the braking system that detects wheel lock up. The system then modulates the brakes at that point with the idea of stopping you faster than you could yourself.

AHRMA: Sanctioning body for vintage motorcycling competition, it’s a member-owned non-profit association dedicated to enhancing the sport of historic motorcycle racing for the enjoyment of riders and spectators.

AMA: American Motorcycle Association.

Affidavit: A written statement under oath.

Aftermarket: Any items or accessories you buy that are not from the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Agreement: Mutual assent between two or more parties; normally leads to a contract; may be verbal or written.

Answer: Pleading filed by the defendant that responds to a complaint, petition, or motion.

AntiI-drive System: A front-end suspension component that reduces how much the forks compress under braking, popular in the late 1980s, but seldom used now.

Ape Hangers: Handlebars that are very high and often raise the rider’s hands above his shoulders.

Appeal: A request to the higher court for review of the lower court’s decision and to request a reversal of the judgment.

Apex: The middle or center point of a turn.

Arbitration: The procedure by which a dispute may be resolved by a person who is not a judge. Arbitration is often used to limit legal costs to both parties.

Arbitrator: A person who conducts an arbitration.

Armor: Armor is protective padding you can attach to your clothing, that absorbs energy on impact.

Asphalt Sealer: Asphalt sealer is a tar-like substance used by road maintenance crews to fill cracks in the pavement. It can be very slick and should be avoided by motorcycles.

Assumption of Risk: A doctrine that states if the plaintiff has knowingly accepted the danger of doing something, recovery from the defendant in an action brought for negligence will be barred.

Automatic on Headlamp: An automatic-on headlamp, or a daytime running lamp (DRL), is a motorcycle’s headlamp that automatically turns on when the bike is started. It’s mandatory on all street bikes in North America because it’s proven to be effective in improving visibility of a motorcycle by other vehicles.

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