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Federal Trucking Regulations

§ 40.379   How do you contest the issuance of a PIE?

(a) If you receive a NOPE, you may contest the issuance of the PIE.
(b) If you want to contest the proposed PIE, you must provide the Director information and argument in opposition to the proposed PIE in writing, in person, and/or through a representative. To contest the proposed PIE, you must take one or more of the steps listed in this paragraph (b) within 30 days after you receive the NOPE.
(1) You may request that the Director dismiss the proposed PIE without further proceedings, on the basis that it does not concern serious noncompliance with this part or DOT agency regulations, consistent with the Department’s policy as stated in §40.365.
(2) You may present written information and arguments, consistent with the provisions of §40.381, contesting the proposed PIE.
(3) You may arrange with the Director for an informal meeting to present your information and arguments.
(c) If you do not take any of the actions listed in paragraph (b) of this section within 30 days after you receive the NOPE, the matter proceeds as an uncontested case. In this event, the Director makes his or her decision based on the record provided by the initiating official (i.e., the NOPE and any supporting information or testimony) and any additional information the Director obtains.

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