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Federal Trucking Regulations

§ 40.29   Where is other information on employer responsibilities found in this regulation?

You can find other information on the responsibilities of employers in the following sections of this part:
§40.35—Information about DERs that employers must provide collectors.
§40.45—Modifying CCFs, Use of foreign-language CCFs.
§40.47—Use of non-Federal forms for DOT tests or Federal CCFs for non-DOT tests.
§40.67—Requirements for direct observation.
§§40.103–40.105—Blind specimen requirements.
§40. 173—Responsibility to ensure test of split specimen.
§40.193—Action in “shy bladder” situations.
§40.197—Actions following report of a dilute specimen.
§40.207—Actions following a report of a cancelled drug test.
§40.209—Actions following and consequences of non-fatal flaws in drug tests.
§40.215—Information about DERs that employers must provide BATs and STTs.
§40.225—Modifying ATFs; use of foreign-language ATFs.
§40.227—Use of non-DOT forms for DOT tests or DOT ATFs for non-DOT tests.
§40.235 (c) and (d)—responsibility to follow instructions for ASDs.
§40.255 (b)—receipt and storage of alcohol test information.
§40.265 (c)–(e)—actions in “shy lung” situations.
§40.267—Cancellation of alcohol tests.
§40.271—Actions in “correctable flaw” situations in alcohol tests.
§40.273—Actions following cancelled tests in alcohol tests.
§40.275—Actions in “non-fatal flaw” situations in alcohol tests.
§§40.287–40.289—Responsibilities concerning SAP services.
§§40.295–40.297—Prohibition on seeking second SAP evaluation or changing SAP recommendation.
§40.303—Responsibilities concerning aftercare recommendations.
§40.305—Responsibilities concerning return-to-duty decision.
§40.309—Responsibilities concerning follow-up tests.
§40.321—General confidentiality requirement.
§40.323—Release of confidential information in litigation.
§40.331—Other circumstances for the release of confidential information.
§40.333—Record retention requirements.
§40.345—Choice of who reports drug testing information to employers.

[65 FR 79526, Dec. 19, 2000. Redesignated at 66 FR 41950, Aug. 9, 2001]

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