The Durham Rescue Mission Is Doing Some Great Things For The Community

If you’ve never heard of the Durham Rescue Mission in Durham, NC, then take a couple minutes to check out their website: Durham Rescue Mission

Members of the firm received a first hand look at the great things the Rescue Mission is doing for the Durham Community when they visited and volunteered for their Annual Easter Community Dinner on Good Friday (April 2nd, 2010). It was a beautiful, sunny and almost summer like day in Durham. People and businesses from across the Triangle donated all kinds of food, clothing and Easter Baskets for the children of the community.

It was the Golden Rule in practice. It’s always awesome to see a community come together to help the community. We had to pass along the greatness we saw and also provide a link for anyone who comes across the blog to help out if they would like. The link below leads you to a page on the Durham Rescue Mission’s website which shows their donation options.

How to Help

(Picture Above: Managing Partner, Ben Cochran volunteers by taking up tickets at the 2010 Annual Easter Community Dinner at the Durham Rescue Mission in Durham, NC)