Marching Through North Carolina: Wilson, North Carolina

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The Facts:
Population: 50,652
County: Wilson County

The History:
The city of Wilson, North Carolina was named after Louis Dicken Wilson. Mr. Wilson was a North Carolina politician who served in the North Carolina General Assembly and the North Carolina Senate. During his time as a NC State Senator, Mr. Wilson requested a leave of absence to fight in the Mexican-American War of the mid 1800’s. Wilson County is also named after the historic North Carolina figure.

Wilson, geographically, was the combination of two villages which were stops on the railroad that ran through the area which Wilson sets today. Toisnot Junction Station and little Hickory Grove were combined in 1849 to create what we know today as the City of Wilson, NC. The creation of the town was great news to residents of the area, who were mostly farmers, because it was one step closer to being able to construct a courthouse. The residents didn’t have to pack up and reach a courthouse by way of wagon after Wilson County was established six short years after the city of Wilson was created.

Tobacco served as Wilson’s cash crop and the main industry in the area. Due to its type of soil and climate, the area was perfect for the crop to grow. The tobacco industry would prosper leading Wilson to be known as the “World’s Greatest Tobacco Market” at the turn of the century.

Farming, to this day, is still a economic strong hold for the town of Wilson. The county produces well over $100 million annually with its various crops. The history of its farming roots can be seen in the towns local summer wood bat college baseball team, the Wilson Tobs. With a tobacco gold leaf as their logo, its easy to see that farming was and still is a topic of discussion and economic prosperity for the city.

One thing not to pass up if your making your way through Wilson is the forestry and botanical gardens of the area. Wilson is known as the “City of Beautiful Trees.” Botanical gardens in the area include Wilson Rose Garden, Wilson Botanical Gardens and library Rose Garden. For sports fans, Wilson is also home to the North Carolina Baseball Museum.

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